The subject of the ADES Master's Program is the education and training of engineering scientists in the development and use of methods and techniques to solve technology, production, and energy management problems in a direct and reliable manner. Emphasis is placed on the problems of analysis and design of energy systems, and specific innovative practices in the field of renewable energy sources are proposed. The Master's Program awards a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in "Analysis & Management Energy Systems."

Professions related to the ADES program are in high demand and have the potential for further development at the international level, given the primary importance of energy issues in the economy, society, and the environment, particularly in Greece, which faces increased challenges both in natural gas exploration and exploitation and in the gradual transition of the economy to a model based on mild and renewable energy forms..

The ADES Master's Program provides the fundamental background, as well as the appropriate tools and techniques for solving problems related to energy production, transportation, and management in engineering applications. Students apply the knowledge they acquire during the program in various tasks, where they learn how to solve technical problems related to energy and energy infrastructure.

The ADES Master's Program:

  • Emphasizes the presentation of modern experimental and computational tools for the analysis and design of energy systems.
  • Has the scientific approach and prestige of a Polytechnic School.
  • Has highly qualified instructors with international academic recognition and professional experience.
  • Is taught in the evenings and is supported by distance learning tools to facilitate working students and those living outside Volos.